Nash Titan 2 man bivvy

titanNash Titan 2 man Bivvy

If you are looking for the Nash Titan 2 man bivvy I have sourced the cheapest ones on amazon, not only that I’ve found the cheapest overwrap for you too. The Titan bivvies have come down in price slightly over the years probably because they have become more popular. The Titan bivvy boasts Mega solid construction, storm proof, water proof and wind proof.

To be honest these are one of the best and probably the most popular bivvys of all time and are a favourite amongst keen and professional carp anglers. Ideal for long winter sessions the Nash Titan stands up to the strongest winds and torrential downpours with ease.
Nash have made these bivvys of solid constructed material and are certainly made to last. Not the cheapest of bivvys however sometimes in life you get what you pay for. I would recommend these if you have a good budget and need a bivvy that will last for years.

One thing I did like (as my fishing buddy has one of these) is that it the ground sheet is a rubberised material and is a thick composite. This helps eliminate the cold coming up from the ground and making your feet cold during the winter months.
The Nash Titan 2 man bivvy is also available in a 1 man Titan both bivvys have an additional overwrap that is available as an additional purchase .

If you want extra protection and warmth get the Nash Titan 2 man Bivvy

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