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Welcome to my fishing blog!

You will not only find fishing bivvy reviews but hopefully some useful information as well.

This is an on going blog/website in progress as it takes time to put everything together. However as carp fishing is my hobby this blog is a labour of love more than anything. I’ll be adding new topics and stories on a more regular basis if I can get the time. Oh and yes if you are wondering that is me in the top right hand picture…

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Ok enough about links (that is boring) lets get on to the fishing subject.

Now I have been fishing since I was 13, that’s along time ago as I’m now 49 years old and at this present time I am targeting carp as my main prey. Of course I say prey but carp are my targeted fish preference although over the years I have fished for Brown trout, Rainbow trout, Chub, Barbel, Tench, roach and perch, oh and bass… even flat fish. Anyway carp seem to be my preference it might be a man thing to do with size as carp can get big, I certainly know that some anglers are obsessed with size.

20.4oz 2014 from hamworthy lake

That’s not me of course as size don’t matter now does it? However I enjoyed catching this 21lb.4oz common carp from a local lake (Hamworthy) near Poole in Dorset. Even better it is free to fish as long as you have a rod licence that is. Hamworthy is a very hard lake to catch fish on however this baby above fell for CC Moore Live System Boilie
which I have been using on my carp fishing trips for the last 3 months. In fact Katrina (my partner) and I have caught a staggering 58 carp in just 3 months and that is only fishing on 4 weekends and one day session, how good is that? Not forgetting my 20lb.4oz from Hamworthy groovy eh! I think the results came from using a tried and tested bait and some useful tips I picked up from UK Carp fishing secrets report, you can download a free section of the UK carp fishing secrets report here.

Well it’s Saturday near the end of September 2014 that is and we are off to Higher Kingcombe for a spot of carp fishing.
Weathers a bit grim at mo but it should brighten up in a few hrs. Gotta load the van up, bait and particle mix is defrosted, we are using CC Moore Live System again as we have been catching loads of carp over the last two months of using it.

I’ll let you know how we got on in a later report.

24/09/14 Update: Well for those interested Kat and I had a great time at Higher Kingcombe fishery near Dorchester where we stayed overnight and fished the following day as well. We still use my trusty JRC Defender 2 man/person bivvy as it will handle all weather conditions with ease. Even in a torrential downpour it has never leaked.

JRC Defender bivvy

I must admit though it is getting to a time that I will have to upgrade my bivvy for a newer model especially with the new designs and features that are on offer with the new ones available these days.



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